Sodimas French Sodimas lifts

  1. VVVF multi-speed system.
  2. We will see a light walk along the door that prevents it from closing during the movement of entry and exit from the elevator.
  3. External and internal indicators.
  4. Emergency battery works to move the elevator in case of power outages.
  5. Overload system.
  6. Factories are one of the largest factories in Europe and keep up with European developments due to the manufacture of elevators conforming to European specifications and standards EN81, which is the one that issues and approves inspection certificates for the largest international elevator companies.
  7. The elevator is equipped in a color screen and internet connected in sodimas company to know the status of the elevator at all times, as the customer can use the elevator remotely through a program downloaded on the mobile phone, as the company Sudimas can develop any technical update of the elevator.
  8. The control box contains french-made parts and electrical parts of high quality from the French factory Sudemas, where it is installed on the last floor on the left side in size (width 30 cm x 210 cm height).